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    Patrique Bartlett has a number of hobbies including crafting and painting. She loves being creative and works hard to improve her skills. She has been painting for many years and loves to relax with a paintbrush in her hand. Over time, she has developed her skills as an artist. If you want to...
    Patrique Bartlett has been an active volunteer for many years. She is a young business professional in Texas, and is working on building her career. Whenever she has free time, she enjoys working with charitable organizations and helping others. She works for a number of organizations. There are...
    Patrique Bartlett is pursuing a business degree in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, and will work on earning a Master of Business Administration. She has spent years building her career and considers networking an important part of the career development process. There are several reasons for you to...
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    When she is not busy with her work as a business professional/student in Fort Worth, Texas, Patrique Bartlett likes to head down to the bowling alley with her friends to play a few games. Her parents taught her how to bowl at a young age and she often pulls out some of the tricks that they showed her so that she can score strikes at crucial moments.

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