Patrique Bartlett - The Benefits of Reading

When she is not busy with her work and school in Fort Worth, Texas, Patrique Bartlett likes to put her feet up and relax with a good book. She maintains a fairly large library of classics that she enjoys coming back to, but she is also keen to discover new authors and the worlds that they create she sci-fi genres and wishes she had more time to read in her spare time like she used to when she was younger. There are many reasons why you should try to read as often as possible, including all of the below.

Patrique Bartlett

Discovering New Worlds

The best authors are capable of creating stunningly detailed worlds that allow you to escape from whatever is happening in your own life and absorb yourself into something completely new. By reading more often you will begin to develop an appreciation of the craft and hard work that goes into creating beautifully realized worlds that are often far removed from your own.

Developing Your Verbal Abilities

One of the best ways to improve your own vocabulary is to read the work of others as often as possible. Books will introduce you to new words that you can start using yourself, which will make you a more intelligent and interesting speaker. Just make sure to keep a thesaurus handy so that you can look into any words that you haven’t come across before.

It’s Relaxing

Patrique Bartlett reads often because the activity helps her to de-stress after working hard all day. Reading allows you to focus on things other than what might be troubling you in your own life, allowing you to recharge and come back to the world with more energy.

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