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Patrique Bartlett - Three Reasons to Build a Professional Network

Patrique Bartlett is pursuing a business degree in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, and will work on earning a Master of Business Administration. She has spent years building her career and considers networking an important part of the career development process. There are several reasons for you to start networking today.

A professional network can help you discover new opportunities in your field. You can network by attending professional conferences. It may be helpful to take the time to meet as many people as possible as well. A broad network can help you gain access to a variety of companies and potential job opportunities.

Networking can help you find mentors and advisors. Building a career and navigating through an industry can both be a challenge. Meeting new people could connect you with a knowledgeable and experienced mentor. It may be a little easier to develop your knowledge if you have a trusted advisor.

A third reason for you to network is to improve your business. If you work in an industry that relies on customers or clients, networking can be a great way to increase your sales. Networking can be especially important if you are a small business owner. Connections can help you find more customers and obtain tools that you may need. Patrique Bartlett recently started her career as a business professional. She has built a strong network for herself and looks forward to advancing her career.

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